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how I find creativity–the muse

Artists and writers are constantly being asked how they find inspiration; what their “muse” is. A lot of creatives anthropomorphize their creativity and then proceed to argue with it. Of course a muse was originally a person, Greek mythos, women, so on and so forth. But muse today can be anything.

I haven’t done that. Yet. I would like to say my muse is a big white fox or something who visits me and bestows the newest great idea…but that would be a creative endeavor to imagine right there. So, maybe that’s the point? Imagine your muse coming to you and you’ve already got the creative wheels turning. I see some value in this.

At any rate, my inspiration comes from a lot of places, but it’s hard to pin down. My brain works by coming up with new things, so I’m constantly bombarded with ideas related to whatever I’m doing at the moment. If I’m writing, I get a bunch of new ideas for writing. If I’m reading, I get ideas for books to write and read. In art I still have trouble because I haven’t exercised those particular creative muscles very hard of late.

For blogging, I get most of my ideas by reading motivational books. That’s probably where 90% of this blog’s material comes from. I’ve listed top books before, so if you’re interested, check it out. Honestly, every time I read them I get new ideas.

And a lot of times I get inspired by other bloggers. You all post such wonderful things; sometimes I post the same thing from my perspective, and sometimes I get an idea for something new.

Other times I have ideas through sheer willpower. This usually happens when I’m blog planning for the next month and need just…one…more…idea. I usually end up pulling it out of thin air and needing to rework it later, but sometimes my off the cuff ideas are fine.

In art, though I still have problems, I usually get inspired by seeing other artwork. I follow of lot of artists on my tumblr and instagram, and seeing those flashing by, while providing a heavy dose of the humble, also gives me ideas. I drew a picture of a character from a book I’d read recently too. That kind of thing.

When I start getting serious about webcomics (when will that be again???) I’m sure I’ll need to work hard at first, but I know myself. Once I start a story, I’ll get a million ideas for other stories too.

It’s the buttoning down to just one that’s the issue.

So where do you find yours? As a blogger, writer, artist, home decorator, whatever, what inspires you? Do you have a muse? Do you talk to it?


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