in Life

bad days

We all have ‘em. The days when the juice won’t flow, the milk is bad, the freeway is a free ticket to ragedom, and your pants are just a little too tight.

I’ve had it bad this semester. Call it Senioritis, call it just plain laziness, but it is really hard for me to do anything right now. Sure, I still have some awesome days when, once I’m done with the driving to school and the being in school and the driving back from school, I can still GET THINGS DONE, but those days are slowly becoming little happy dots in a sea of sad black calendar days. (Fortunately I can still wax eloquent on my demise.)

Some days I use all my free time to read an entire book. Some days I sit and play video games until my eyes bug out. (I’m confessing a lot here.) Some days I spend hours literally staring at a wall, trying to figure out what to do.

Lately I’ve been swinging between not caring AT ALL about school and grades, and panicking over every tiny little thing. I think I’ve stressed out about school for so much of my life that my stress response is breaking. It’s used to being a certain level all the time, but it keeps dipping down and then shooting way way up.

Ah well. I’m sure this is what everyone who graduates ever has dealt with. Otherwise, how could pop culture have come up with such a pithy term as “senioritis?”

My point is that I know I have bad days. Everyone does. Sometimes it’s hormones, sometimes it’s sickness, sometimes it’s circumstances beyond our control. I try not to feel too guilty about my bad days, but just recognize them for what they are and get over them. Although it is harder when it’s a bad month, or year.

On a less morose note, I got a new Linguistics advisor who is also a Koreaphile. Go world!