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Life’s a grand journey, friends.

I talked about my dream life in my posts on personal success (original and more recent revision). Those goals are where I want to end up, but they’re each a kind of process.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how to live my dream life, my version of success, every day. I’ve been thinking about it because I don’t feel like I am. But that may be due to my impatience to have it all RIGHT NOW. I want the success and stability and self-esteem that can only come with age and experience.

So I know I won’t get it now. But I also know that I can live out my dream life every day. Here’s how.

Finances: I want to have a lot of money saved. Enough to pay bills, buy and do fun things, invest, give to charity and also save. So my part in doing that every day is to make decisions every day that reflect a good handling of money. That means not spending on frivolous things, eating at home, and buying bargains. Personally, I follow the Dave Ramsey philosophy on budgeting, so I won’t ever have a credit card or debt if I can help it.

Health: I want to be fit and cook more. So, every day that means exercise of some kind and cooking more than I eat out. I don’t say cook every meal because with my schedule, and the fact that I really just don’t like cooking, it’s not feasible to cook everything. The stress I would get outweighs the cost benefit. I bought an exercise bike recently which has really helped me keep up a regime even in the intense heat, since I don’t need to go outside.

Korea: Of course I’m not currently in Korea or teaching, but there are still plenty of things to do every day. I can practice a little Korean, and practice helping people learn. Lately I’ve been helping some classmates with work, and it’s great practice to learn when to slow down and repeat concepts.

Art: I really want to expand my art talent. Ideally, I want to publish something or at least be working on major projects. So, every day, I draw a little. Just a very little, but maybe a quick sketch of a face or something. When I feel like it, I draw more. This way I keep in shape (haha) and don’t overwhelm myself.

Of course there are many more areas of life, but you can see how this works. I know how I want to live. I know, for the most part, what it looks like. Every thing I envision (apart from stuff like living in Korea, obviously) I can start to implement now, and every day. This is why I said success is a journey, not a destination.

I don’t do these things every day (but wouldn’t that be awesome…eh…self…eh?), but knowing them helps when I start feeling antsy for that indomitable perfect future that never comes. When the jitters start, I can just work on something, and that small sense of accomplishment squashes all my ants and jitters.